The Ultimate Destiny of Earth

Life on Earth existed for many billion years since Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. Since then, many diverse kinds of life have flourished on Earth. There were some species that went extinct because of a deadly event such as meteor crashes or Volcano Explosions. However, others have survived all this time on earth and continued their life until now going through difficult times. Humans were able to figure the history of our planet through many scientific discoveries of great scientists and explorers.

Now, with the further advancements in astronomy and technologies, we are able to foresee the inevitable destiny of our planet and the Sun. The Sun is just one normal star out of trillions and can’t avoid the life cycle of stars. The Sun is fine now but after billions of years, it will eventually use up all its Hydrogen in the core to fusion reactions. This will cause the Sun to become a red giant that has a diameter exceeding Earth’s orbit meaning that the Sun will swallow Earth, Venus, and Mercury in the process of expanding. What happens to earth? There will be no earth but one red giant Sun on the place of our planet. All life and culture that ever existed on earth will be destroyed and never seen again. The Sun doesn’t stop but destroys Mars and Jupiter with its highly destructive heat. Only the planets beyond Jupiter will be safe which will leave Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as the only planets in the solar system. After that, the Sun will shrink again to a white dwarf that is half the mass of the red giant and live for many more billions of years until it completely dies with a Supernova explosion. This is the destiny of the solar system that scientists predicted according to the law of nature.

We now know that earth will disappear eventually. Now what should we do? In order for humans to avoid extinction, we must travel far far away to planets that can sustain life. We don’t know how long it will take us to reach that level of technology but we must master space travel in order for us to live beyond earth’s destruction. This is why Space Exploration is so important. Space Exploration is key to accomplishing these goals and we must give interest and invest in it. Space Exploration is essential to our survival and no one should underestimate the importance of it to our survival. Nasa, SpaceX, and many other companies are trying to start a new revolution in space travel and we should welcome and give thanks to them for working for the survival of humankind.